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With the current financial climate, families will be wanting to look for cheaper holiday solutions than going abroad. There is a whole host of cheap family holidays that can be had in the UK that often get overlooked by the families that tend to go abroad every year. In this blog post we will talk about a few of these family holiday ideas that you could consider for this summer.


Located in the South West of England, the county of Devon has plenty of holiday solutions for everyone. Torbay in South Devon is called the English Riviera as it is known for warm weather, sandy beaches and palm trees. North Devon is home to tourist hot spots such as Woolacombe and Ilfracombe with a great range of accommodation from luxury hotels to holiday parks that are ideal for Caravan Holidays in Devon.


Blackpool is ideal for families looking for a UK beach holiday. The seaside town in located in Lancashire and is on the coast of the Irish sea. The town has been popular since the 19th Century and relies heavily on the tourist trade. It has been said that there are more tourist beds in Blackpool than the whole of Portugal. Top attractions to visit are Blackpool tower North Pier, Pleasure Beach and The winter gardens


For families that enjoy walking holidays and the countryside, there is no better destination than Northumbria. Famed for its rolling hills and lush green fields, the county has many attractions for the whole family. Most famous is Hadrian’s wall that once stretched across width of what is now Northern England. Popular tourist accommodation comes in the form of the many quaint holiday cottages that are dotted through the countryside. So if you fancy a more relaxed holiday this summer, why not give Northumbria a chance.


Situated on the tip of the South Western peninsula of Great Britain, Cornwall is one of Britain’s most popular tourist destinations. The county once relied on mining and fishing industries, but not relies most on tourism.

The county’s spectacular landscape, mild climate and great beaches are all reasons to go and stay in one of the many holiday parks in Cornwall.

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