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There are many places in the UK that are steeped in history, yet not all are surrounded by myths, ghost stories and legends that have stood the test of time. Cornish tales are among many of the best ever told. This article will look at just a handful of the stories that are still around today.

dragonOne such story based in Padstow and is that of Saint Petroc. Stories claim that he had performed miracles, healings and was able to banish monsters. The tale tells of how Saint Petroc managed to tame a dragon by placing a girdle around its neck. He then led the beast down to the seashore and allowed it to swim free not to return to harass the people of the town again.

lady Another popular tale is the lady of the lake. The pool based on Bodmin Moor was thought by many local people to be bottomless. It is also thought that the lake in which King Arthur threw Excalibur into after the fateful battle of Camlann. The lady of the lake raised her hand from the water to catch the sword before retuning to the depths of the lake.

giantThe story of ‘Giant Bolster’ is a common tale often told. Legend has it that a giant known as Bolster lived near St Agnes. The giant fell in love with the beautiful and deeply religious St Agnes. Bolster kept pestering the lady and she said that to prove his love to her he had to fill up a hole in Chapel Porth with his blood. Bolster did this, as it would win her affection, but unknown to him the hole led down to the cliffs and into the sea. By the time he discovered this he had lost too much blood and died. It is claimed that his blood still stains the local cliff surroundings today.

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