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Spook North Devon SettingDevon has become a very popular area for tourism as well as those looking for a second home. Yet among all the people that visit such areas as Barnstable and Woolacombe very few of them are aware of the history and legends that surround the area. With North Devon being an area steeped in history, myths and legends there are many tales to tell. You don’t have to be in a Hotel in North Devon to find out more about it, but it would be a great idea if you wanted to explore the area. There are many popular tales about the area that have stood the test of time and this article will address just a small selection of them.

One such tale is that of the vanishing castle, which is said to have been located on the ‘Valley of Rocks’ in Lynton. The Legend claims that there once stood a castle on the rocks overlooking the sea. Once owned by Earl Sigvald the castle was passed on to his daughter upon his death. His daughter began a relationship with a man known only as the ‘Blank Monk’ the monk then began living with the Lady. It became clear to people of the area that they had both chose to live a life without religion. One day a monk arrived at the door preaching to them the word of god, and in an outrage they chose to hear no more. The black monk threw off his disguise and pushed the visiting monk off of the cliff. The black monk who was now clearly recognizable as the Devil clutched the lady and took off to the skies. The ground then opened up and swallowed the castle leaving nothing behind.

The Hairy Hands of Dartmoor is perhaps a more famous story. The tale indicates that ‘Hairy Hands’ have been seen to grasp the steering wheel and handle bars of bikes forcing motorists off the road and making them crash. The first reported incident occurred in the 1920s when it was reported a motorcyclist whom worked as a prison guard was on his way home with his children in the sidecar, when the hands appeared on the handle bars. The man wrestled with the hands but to no avail and they drove him off the road. The driver was killed but his children survived and they reported seeing the hands and hearing their father scream ‘GET THEM OFF!’ A similar fate awaited another motorcyclist a few years later. If visiting the area of Postbridge or Princetown is might be worth while taking care.

Another famous tale is that of ‘Wronged Lady’, it is claimed that each night upon the entrance of Fitzford House the doors open and out emerges a black dog with fierce red eyes leading a chilling sight. A horse-drawn carriage follows and is said to be made of bones, that is driven by a headless coachman. In the back sits a ghostly white lady and they begin their trip to Okehampton Castle. Once reaching the castle the hound picks just one blade of grass and makes the journey home. It is said that the lady may only rest once the grass mound from which the grass is taken is free of grass. The hardship comes as she is said to be wronged due to her father’s behavior and how the townsfolk came to despise her because of this. Among her father’s behavior and four failed marriages, the untimely death of her young son, and her own death a month later she seemed fated to be surrounded in rumors. With a mix of tales, stories and perhaps an element of fabrication this could be one ghost story with good grounds and an amount of imagination.

There are many more stories that surround the Devon area and many locations that are home to these tales. If looking for North Devon Accommodation to explore what Devon has to offer then try a Woolacombe Hotel and do some ghost hunting of your own.

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