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Bed and Breakfast Bath

When a lot of people think about going on their holidays they probably look to book a hotel without even seriously considering their options, such as staying in a b&b. What these people don’t realise however is that they could well be missing out by not staying in bed and Breakfast in Bath.

One of the great advantages of staying in a b&b is the personal touch. Often when you check into the b&b the person you are greeted by is the same person who will be making your breakfasts, attending to any questions and checking you out again at the end of your holiday. Its is rare to have this experience in a hotel as there are so many different members of staff it becomes hard to have a personable relationship with the place you are staying in. Seeing the same person day in and out gives a much more friendly atmosphere and a home away from home feel.

If your are good at planning a head of time then you may well already know which sights and sounds of Bath you are going to visit, if however you tend to just go with the flow and decide when you get there then your b&b may just be able to help you. Quite often the b&b owners and staff are very knowledgeable about not only the local area but they know a great deal about all the very best attractions for tourists, and maybe even one or two well kept secrets. Even if you do have your days planned it may well be worth chatting to your hosts and see if they have any more suggestions or any hints and tips about the attractions your are wanting to see.

There are so many fine restaurants and eateries in Bath that it would be a great shame not to visits them during your holiday in Bath. Staying in a b&b gives you great freedom of what and where you eat as only your breakfast is provided for. This is also a great for people who have specific dietary requirements as they don’t have to pay for food them might not even be able to eat.


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