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Yorkshire Dales

The Yorkshire Dales National Park is blessed with a wide variety of landscapes with flowers strewn meadows to rocky peaks, lush fragrant heather to thick green woodland. With so much to see and plenty to do it’s no wonder that 13 million people a year choose to make a trip here.


Exmoor is one of the smallest and prettiest National Parks in England. The park covers both North Devon and Somerset and contains stunning landscapes and is packed full of wildlife. The wildlife that calls Exmoor home has recently come under the spotlight thanks to Johnny Kingdom and his BBC nature program. The great scenery has also been a star of the recent shows with its heather strewn moors, ancient woods, green valleys and golden sandy beaches delighting millions of viewers.


The most northerly of all the National Parks in England, the park shares it boarders with Scotland. One of the biggest and most famous features of the park is Hadrian’s Wall. The ancient wall built almost 2,000 years ago by the Romans still stands in many places today as do remains of the many forts that protected the wall. The walls remains are some of the most famous Roman remains outside of Italy.

Brecon Beacons

The youngest of the Welsh National Parks, the Brecons lie on the boarder with England. The most famous and popular landmark of the National Park is the Black Mountain range which is very popular with hikers.

The New Forest

The newest of all the National Parks in England and Wales, the New Forest only received its title in 2005. despite only recently being granted the National Park status the area has long been popular with people since William the Conqueror made the Forest a Royal Hunting ground. Since this time the forest has thankful remained largely unchanged and is a haven for wildlife. Great New Forest accommodation and access to surrounding towns, cities and motorways have helped the area become a firm family favourite for spending their summer holidays.

new forest accommodation

The Norfolk Broads

An honoree mention goes to the Norfolk Broads who are not technically a National Park but do enjoy many of the same levels of protection that National Parks have. The Norfolk Broads are made of up a series of beautiful waterways; many miles of which have are navigable by boat. This has created a hugely popular destination for tourists who want to enjoy a relaxing holiday sailing around the broads and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

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