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Cheddar Gorge

The striking Cheddar Gorge is the largest gorge in the whole of the UK and has the tallest non-costal limestone cliff in England. The oldest complete human skeleton in Britain was found in the gorge and is believed to be 9,000 years old. There are a number of attractions in cheddar designed to appeal to people of all ages, these included open top bus tours, exhibitions, museums, walks, caves and quests.

The Jane Austen centre

The Jane Austen center may not be everyone’s cup of tea but for any fans of one of literatures greatest ever writers this is a must see. The exhibition examines her life in Bath and how the city has influenced her and her writing. Her love of the city is reflected in her novels with both Northanger Abbey and Persuasion largely set in the city.

Glastonbury Abbey

Glastonbury Abbey is one of the oldest and most powerful of the ancient abbeys in England. The site (as has the whole of Glastonbury) has long been seen as a special place and has played an important role for centuries. One of the most famous stories of the abbey is that it is supposedly the burial site of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere’s, when in 1191 a grave was discovered carrying the description ‘Hic jacet sepultus inclitus rex Arthurus in insula Avalonia’ which translated means “Here lies interred the famous King Arthur on the Isle of Avalon”.

The Wildlife Park at Cricket St Thomas

Cricket St Thomas and its wildlife park is one of the top wildlife parks in the South West. Set in the beautiful grounds of the large Country Manor the Wildlife Park aims to help protect the world’s natural heritage while educating members of the public more about the fascinating animals that call the park home. The habitats are designed to be as natural to the animals as possible.

If you are one of the many thousands who will be heading for Short Breaks in Bath this summer then with these and so many more activities on offer will make sure you a truly memorable holiday.


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