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Relive your Childhood

Many of us remember when we were younger spending our summer holidays in a tent, whether it was on holiday or even in your own back garden, by going on a camping weekend again as an adult you can relive those fond childhood memories all over again. For a few days out of your busy year why not feel like a child again and feel the excitement of sleeping under the stars.

Value for money

Camping is a much cheaper alternative then the traditional hotel based holidays. Buying a tent plus a range of accessories and essentials for a camping trip will either cost the same or even a little less than the average hotel. While this might not seem so cost affective on your first trip remember that next time you will not need to buy all your equipment again so you could well end up saving a lot of money in the long term.


A camping holiday will provide much more freedom than a normal holiday. On a camping holiday you don’t have the rules and regulations that hotels and guest houses impose, you can get up when you want, eat when you want, eat what you want, wear what you want and stay up as late as you wish.

Pet Friendly

Many of the countries camping sites allow pets on site, so if you cant bear to be parted from the family pet or simply can’t afford the kennel fees you can bring them along with you.

Family Friendly

If your children love the great outdoors then camping might be the greatest option for them as there is nothing like camping for getting close to nature. Camping is also great for taking part in family activities suck as walking, visiting nearby attractions, numerous camping activities and eating and cooking together as a family.


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