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kielder forest

When staying in some Northumberland Accommodation you will obviously want to see the best that the county has to offer. One of the most stunning places you can visit while renting your Northumbria Cottage is Kielder Forest, named the country’s most tranquil spot by the campaign to protect rural England.

This breathtaking natural wonder covers 250 square miles and is officially England’s largest forest. Not only does the park have a pine forest and moorland, but also a man made lake which has 27 miles of shoreline. This body of water has the accolade of being Europe’s largest man made lake.

Visitors can stroll through the dense forest, cycle along miles of cycle trails or even ride a horse along the tracks. Mountain bikers will be pleased to know that the forest is home to many mountain bike trails including 13 technical loops.

Whatever form of transport you chose to get around the forest, you are sure to appreciate the beauty of the area.

Once you make your way to the man made lake you have a variety of activities to choose from courtesy of the Leaplish Waterside Park. You can have a tour of the lake on a Kielder water cruise or try navigating the waters yourself by hiring a boat and sailing. Windsurfing, Waterskiing and kite surfing are all other activities that can be done at the lake.

Not only do you have the stunning woodland to take in while wandering the forest, there are also contemporary art installations for you to enjoy adding a new twist to the traditional forest walk that many have come to enjoy.

Animal lovers will enjoy seeing the red squirrel around the Kielder forest which is one of the most important squirrel reserves in the country. It is estimated that 50% of England’s red squirrel population live in the forest. Other animals that live in the forest include deers and rare bird species.

When it comes to food, you can choose to have a picnic at one of the many spots that are situated around the park or pay a visit to the Boat Inn or Tower Knowe’s Water’s Edge Restaurant.

So whatever you chose to do on your day out to Kielder Forest and Water Park, im sure you and your family will have a great day out at one of England’s great natural wonders.

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