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When staying in Northumberland Accommodation you will be looking for places to visit and activities to do. One place of interest that you may want to visit is the Holy Island. Also known by its Celtic name of Lindisfarne, the island can be accessed by a 3 mile long causeway that can be crossed twice a day at low tide.

One of the important and popular features of the island is Holy Island castle that was originally formed as a defence for the island in Tudor times. The castle has since been turned into a home and has many of the original elements in place to see today.

Just north of the castle is a wonderful garden that is open to the public and maintained by the National Trust.

The island has proved popular with many tourists over the years, but it can get overcrowded sometimes as space is limited. One way to avoid the crowds is to stay on the islands once the tide cuts off access as this is when most visitors will head back to the mainland.

As well as access along the causeway, visitors can also access and leave the island along the sands which is a crossing called the Pilgrims’ way, this again is subject to weather conditions and the tide.

When visiting the island look out for two of their delicacies, one being crab sandwiches that can be found in the shops and cafes and the second is the island’s mead. Lindisfarne is known for its mead and originates from mediaeval times when monks lived on the island. The monks have now left but the mead is still produced at St Aidan’s Winery and is sold throughout the UK and the world.

The Island of Lindisfarne was named one of the wonders of the North in a programme called Seven Natural Wonders that was shown on TV.

So next time you visit the region and stay in a Northumberland Coastal Cottage, why not pay Lindisfarne a visit and take in this hidden treasure.

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