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isle of wight gardens

The Isle of Wight is often nicknamed as ‘The Garden Isle’ and today I’d like to share with you a few of the places that have helped the Island to earn it’s name. If you’re coming to the Island on holiday now is your chance to get acquainted with a few of the quiet places where you can enjoy a little bit of the tranquillity for which the Island is famed.

Isle of Wight Holidays are all about relaxation and getting away from it all. And there is no place an Englishman likes to do that more than in a well tended garden. This country has a long history of horticulture and owns much of it’s modern style and diversity to the Victorian pioneers, both plant collectors and designers alike.

If you have only the time for short breaks to the Isle of Wight then the must see garden is the Ventnor Botanic Garden. Located on the site of the Royal National Hospital for Diseases of the Chest, it first used the original layout of the hospital grounds as it’s cue for future development. The Botanic Gardens take full advantage of the mild climate it is afforded by the Ventnor under cliff to grow a range of tender species originating from the Mediterranean, New Zealand, Australia & South Africa, not often seen in the UK.

In contrast to the relaxed style of the Botanic Gardens the grounds of Osbourne House are a classic example of formal Italianate terrace gardens. No Isle of Wight holiday is complete without a trip to the former residence of Queen Victoria. Of particular interest are the statues dotted around the terraces that depict the different seasons. Other highlights include the mature trees of the pleasure grounds and the walled garden that would have provided produce for the house.

A final treat are the gardens at Morton Manor. They are recognised as one of the finest gardens in southern England and have won many awards over the past decade. Morton Manor Garden is famed for having year round colour through the use of exceptionally well planned planting. The gardens are not open all year round and visitors are advised to check in advance before setting out.

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