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If the recent spell of good weather has inspired you to snap up one of the last few day tickets for the Isle of Wight Festival you may be keen to find out how best to secure accommodation over this busy weekend.

There is still plenty of Isle of Wight accommodation available for last minute booking but you are unlikely to find accommodation very close to the festival site. But don’t despair with a little research you can still have a great stress-free weekend.

The festival site is just outside of the town of Newport, which is the hub of the Isle of Wight. Although it is not the most tourist orientated town on the Island it is the centre of the Island’s public transport hub. This means that you will still be able to get to the Festival site by bus very easily.

When looking at IOW hotels it is still worth thinking carefully about it’s location to ensure you are close to one of the major bus routes for greatest ease. It is worth bearing in mind that the festival site is just off the main road from Ryde to Newport. This road is likely to be highly congested and subject to police traffic controls. For this reason I would suggest you avoid staying in Ryde.

It is still worth trying to find accommodation within Newport as this will put you within walking distance of the festival site. It is also worth considering accommodation in Cowes. Not only is it easily reached from the mainland, with a ferry terminal nearby, it also allows you to enjoy some time in one of Europe’s premier sailing destinations.

Perhaps the best area to stay in would be Sandown or Shanklin. Choosing accommodation in this area will allow you to use either the no 2 or no 8 bus routes to Newport. Both of which have a frequent service and will only take you about half an hour.

Whatever you choose, you’re sure to have a great festival experience. Why not stay on after the festival in your Isle of Wight accommodation and enjoy the more sedate attractions the Island has to offer.

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