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Cornwall’s best beaches are a matter of opinion. They depend on what you’re looking for and what kind of beach experience you really want. Porthcurno and Kynance are great for scenery. Fistral Beach is for surfing. If you’re looking for a great beach cafe, you should go to Porthminster, and if you’re out with your family Marazion is a good choice – but any of the blue flag beaches are great options. Most of the beaches that are available throughout Cornwall are beautiful areas, but which one is right for you will come down to whether you like a certain type of beach over another type of beach. That’s perfectly understandable, and not everyone is going to like the same kinds of beaches and the same kinds of opportunities that other people like. No matter which beach (or beaches) you decide to visit while you’re in Cornwall, though, you can have a great time with family and friends, or even on your own. You don’t have to go to the beaches that others recommend if they aren’t what you’re looking for, and doing your research about the various beaches can also help you determine which ones you want to spend most of your time at.

Don’t ignore other people’s recommendations, of course, but form your own opinions on the kinds of beautiful beaches you want to enjoy. Because Cornwall has so many different ones and almost all of them are great places to be, you can surf one day and go to see the scenery the next day. Then you can have lunch at a beach cafe or spend the day frolicking with your family. You can do all of these things in different places and still be at the beach each time, which is a great way to enjoy a holiday whether you’re travelling with a big group or on a more secluded trip. Beaches are very popular with a lot of people, and even those who don’t want to lie in the sun all day can find things to enjoy because there is surfing and animal watching, and there are great places to eat, as well.

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