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Previously known as North Hamm Tun back in 914, Historians believe this was to distinguish itself from Southampton.

Northampton was known as a place of trade and where craftsman worked and where goods were brought and sold at a market. Northampton was captured and burned by the Danes in 1010, however it recovered and continues to this day to grow, its current population stands at around 189,477 this makes Northampton the 21st largest Settlement in England.

Northampton begun a regeneration programme to try and increase population and encourage settlement especially Londoners to try and boost business investment and to secure and establish the future of Northampton. The building and regeneration has been ongoing for many years with new districts and Industrial estates to attract new industries to Northampton. Today the main industries comprise of financial services, soft drinks, cosmetics and brewing.

Northampton has a rapidly growing population due to resources and investments the city continues to make in the younger generation and local business. With many now opting for further education youngsters have a range of options open to them from the University of Northampton to Full & Part time courses available from the College in Northampton. Partnerships have also been established with the Council for Ethnic Minority Communities, the Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce and other bodies to provide targeted initiatives for local needs.

With Investments in the younger generation and the business industry The Regeneration of Northampton is an ongoing development with a mission to develop the town so that it’s a place where people will choose to live and future business will want to invest.


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