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jim clark rally

Here are some events you can visit or take part in when staying in a Scottish Borders Cottage.

Common Riding

Social and cultural events are very important to the Scottish Borders and the residents like to celebrate their heritage and history. The Scottish borders are famous for a series of pageants that are known as the ‘Common Ridings’. These pageants celebrate the times when community boundaries were protected from invaders.

The event consists of horse riders from each of the town riding the boundaries of each area, re-enacting the enforcement that was needed in the past.

These pageants are a great spectacle to watch and it has been claimed that they are they largest mounted gatherings in Europe.

Jim Clark Rally

Local hero Jim Clark grew up on a farm near Duns in the Scottish Borders and is buried in the area. In his racing career he had twice won the Scottish National Championship, was winner of 7 Grand Prix and was twice world champion. Jim Died in 1968, and shortly after in 1970 the Jim Clark Rally was established by his friends. This Rally was included as part of the Scottish Rally Championship and in 1999 became a round in the British Rally Championship. The Jim Clark Rally is considered one of the biggest racing events in the UK. So if you happen to be in the area when it is held, it is definitely worth checking out.

Jim Clark Rally Official Website

Homecoming Scotland

This year marks the 250th anniversary of the world famous poet and national icon Robert Burns. This event not only celebrates Robert Burns but other great Scottish contributions to the world. Homecoming Scotland will be host to various events and activities that will honour the heritage of the region.

More information about what events will be happening in the Scottish Borders will be available nearer the time of the Homecoming.

Visit the Homecoming Scotland website for further information.

So next time you are renting a cottage in the Scottish Borders, why not pay a visit some of the events. For more events please visit here.

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