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While researching the area of Brixham for Torbay Holiday Parks, I came across this great site about the Brixham Buccaneers. This group of volunteers were formed in 2007 thanks to an idea from a local businessman called David Croney and a local Journalist called Liz Phillips.

This group of pirate enthusiasts organise activities and events in the summer months on their Buccaneers pirate days. The aim of these days is to provide education and entertainment for both locals and tourists that is piracy themed. The pirate days usually involve a wide range of activities with things like treasure hunts and story telling.

We are over half way through the year and the Buccaneers held a Pirate and Shanty festival on May the 3rd, where they broke the Guinness world record for “the most pirates in one gathering”.

During the holiday season there are pirate events held on most Thursdays. The locals also get in on the act by decorating their shops with skulls, flags and other piratey goodness, some even dress up themselves as pirates.

If you are lucky you may bump into a familiar face, Cap’n Jack Sparrow can sometimes be seen wandering around Torbay spreading the pirate message.

This all may seem like a silly excuse to dress up, but the group do have a serious message behind them. As you can see from their constitution page the Buccaneers are a non profit association that aim to promote the Town of Brixham and educate visitors to the maritime heritage of the area that will ultimately increase tourism in the local area.

So if you are visiting Brixham or the Torbay area this summer and are on an English Riviera holiday you should see if there is an Brixham Buccaneers event on while you are staying.

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