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In yesterday’s copy of The Times newspaper there was a small article on a couple who have visited their favourite holiday destination for 56 years in a row. Ron and Alma Sweetland from Derbyshire love their Isle of Wight Holidays so much that ever since they visit the Island in 1953 they have kept going back.

Mr Sweetland, 79 Said: “We still get the same sense of anticipation, when we go back. There have been a lot of changes but the essence of what makes it special still remains”.

When the couple first started visiting the island, it was home to some of the biggest stars at Sandown Pier and Rationing was still around.

Ron Sweetland had finished his National Service when he brought his wife to the island for their first holiday. Their island holidays started in Ryde, but the majority of trips were spent in Sandown.

The tradition is not only to come back to the same place, but for the last 15 years they have stayed in the same holiday cottage and for the same two weeks every year, which shows that once you find the perfect Isle of Wight Accommodation it’s hard not to come back again and again.

Some people have asked the couple that if they love the island so much, why don’t they make a permanent move their. But their answer is that this would ruin the magic of returning to the island every year and the anticipation that they feel before each holiday.

This couple’s devotion to the island shows that the Isle of Wight really is one of the UK’s best holiday destination and for anyone who wants to stay in the UK instead of travelling abroad in 2009, then the island should be a top contender.

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