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Cornwall is famous for many different things. Yet one thing that the area has to offer which is mostly unknown to many people is the areas broad choice to places to go and see plants. A lot of people enjoy nature and the local environment and Cornwall is no exception. The Cornish landscape is home to some stunning views and wildlife and these treasures have now been integrated into their tourist attractions. It is becoming apparent to many people who visit Cornwall that these attractions that offer the chance to see some of this wildlife is fast becoming popular. So what are a few of these plant attractions?

The Bonsai Nursery

This delightful attraction focuses on the skill and art form of the Bonsai. The nursery addresses the importance of what to include in your garden and how to create that Zen like feeling in your own back garden.  This is a great one not to miss when looking for a little inspiration. There are also a great range of tools available to buy which is ideal for the budding gardener and a range of books so you can take a little inspiration away with you. A great way to spend some time and gather some ideas and how knows what you might find when you look a little closer?

The Eden Project
By far the most famous of all Cornish plant attractions and its not just about the plants. The Eden project offers a range of Biomes each designed to replicate the atmosphere and conditions of various climates. The Rainforest biome is a replication of the steamy rainforests of Malaysia, West Africa and South America which will really allow you to explore the humid tropical regions of the world. The Mediterranean Biome will allow you to feel the environment of South Africa and the Californian landscape and see some of the delights on offer. Alongside these is the Core which is a great chance to earn more about the plants and the environment in which they thrive.

With these great two opportunities to see some of the best nature in the UK and experience the climates of foreign lands than you are going to have a wonderful time whatever location you decide to do. What ever you do if you are in need of Holiday Cottages in Cornwall the have a look at The Olde House and see what they can offer you in the way of Cornwall Farm Holidays.

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