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A stag do is an important part in the lives of any bachelor that has chosen to get married. It becomes his last chance to celebrate with his closest friends his last days of freedom as a single man. There as many ways that people choose to celebrate this age old tradition and each is individual to the taste and requirements of the groom to be. Long gone are the days where a few drinks down the pub on the night before the wedding would suffice. Today a stag do can last one evening of even a week and don’t think that a quiet night at the pub will keep everyone happy. Although the occasion is all about the stag people expectations are high and won’t want to be disappointed. So if you are the stag or the best man then read on for a few ideas that will make the stag night a time to remember.

4x4 on the Isle of Wight

4×4 Driving

This isn’t getting in a 4×4 and driving around a small country town, this is proper off road (the reason this vehicles where built). Two purpose built courses designed to text the limits of even the best and most experienced of drivers. The experience can also be done blind folded if you like the ultimate experience. You will need a full UK driving license to participate in these events and nerves of steel.

Mountain Biking on the Isle of Wight

Mountain Biking
Fancy something that s a little more energetic then why not try mountain biking? Explore the Isle of Wight on a bike a really see what area of the Isle of Wight you couldn’t access in the car. There are a few things better than cycling around the Isle of Wight with your best friends in tow and what a great way to explore the Island and really embrace the views and scenery that the Isle if Wight is famous for.

clay pigeon shooting on the isle of wight


Perhaps mountain biking and 4×4 driving is too tame for you then why not try shooting something, in particular clay pigeons? This is a great way to let off a little steam and use a gun. Carry out some target practice on a range of targets that are shot in to your eye line from a range of angles. Try and outshine your friends and prove to them that you are the best shot of the group.

There we have it, 3 great activities to consider when looking for a stag do on the Isle of Wight making it a time to remember for everyone involved. This really is a great place for an Isle of Wight Holiday and Short Breaks Isle of Wight based adventures.

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