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For anyone who is thinking of staying in Northumberland Cottages in the near future will be wondering what are the latest and greatest upcoming events in the region, well here at the Travel blog we will look at three of them.

Family WalkFest

This event started on Sat the 25th of July but is continuing through to the 28th of August and is a range of activities that is aimed to get families into the countryside. To celebrate 60 years of our British national parks and the freedom the countryside provides us.

The first area that was set for the Family Walkfest at Hadrian’s Wall, but there are more set at Ingram, Wooler and Rothbury during the children’s school holidays.

The activities range from traditional walks where families learn to use compasses and maps to exciting treasure hunts where you use GPS systems to find your way around.

family walking

For more information visit here

Working Forest Demonstration

If you have ever wondered how a large scale forest is managed then this is your chance. This working forest demonstration will let you get a behind the scenes to look at how Kielder forest is looked after. You will be able to see some of the fascinating harvesting machines, horse logging, tree planting and the wildlife that lives in the woods.

Glendale show

Over 15,000 visitors make their way to Glendale agricultural show, that has been stage for over a hundred years. The Show is a way for the local community to celebrate the aspects of rural life everything that makes it what it is.

The Glendale show makes a great family day out if you are on a Northumberland Cottage Holiday as there are fun activities for everyone. During the day you can see various performances is the main ring and activities in the showground including a Fun Fair.

Some of the highlights at the 2009 Glendale show are set to be the chariots of fire display team, the sheep show and the city of Newcastle Pipe Band.

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