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walking and cycling on the Isle of WightThere are many great things about the Isle of Wight, the ongoing events that happen through out the year, the music festivals that have become legendary, the quaint little villages that populate the island and the areas of outstanding beauty that are well looked after and maintained.

With so many areas of outstanding beauty you will be forgiven if you don’t get to seee all of these areas in just one visit. It’s something worth doing and worth doing well so I recommend that you take your time to see what the island has to offer.

One great way to see the Isle of Wight is by cycle. What a great way to see the wildlife and flowers that populate this scenic destination. A long cycle provides the ideal transport to see a vast amount of the island in a detail that would often be missed in a car journey.  A nice picnic provides an ideal rest stop and breather for those who want a sit down and a sandwich. The Isle offers many designated cycle paths so you will not have to contend with any motor traffic.

By foot is the other option we recommend to see the Isle of Wight. A leisurely stroll around the Isle is a great reason for a day out in the sunshine. A slow walk around the Island exploring what the is on offer will really allow you to get to experience nature first hand. Following the vast network of footpaths that the Isle of Wight has to offer you will be amazed at the routes you have to choose from. Why not stop for some tea and biscuits when out and about or stop for a picnic and relax and watch the world go by.

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