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Luxury Bus

As a break from our usual posts, we thought we’d throw in something a little different and, we thought, ridiculous.

When you go on holiday, a degree of comfort is important to your enjoyment, but we think you’ll agree that some people are taking it a little too far.

It’s not just the size of the thing that’s ridiculous (imagine driving that into a UK caravan park, let alone being able to get it on some of our country roads), but the amount of money spent on the interior. Most homes don’t have a 42 inch HD televison, or a bluray player to go with it.

And what’s wrong with a coolbox? Do you really need a 2 drawer freezer? A coffee machine? A garbage disposal unit?

With its marble floored galley (it is honestly described as a galley), extra-large bath, and leather interior, we can’t see a reason that you’d actually want to leave this place, and that’s not what should happen when you’re in the sort of beautiful area that staying in, for instance, a Devon holiday park would put you in.

It’s not just the Americans doing it, though, there are German companies offering a similar service, except that these include a parking space for your car! Once again, you’re offered a leather and wood interior, and get separate living, sleeping, kitchen and bathing areas, which themselves are decorated with marble and granite.

Call us crazy, but we’ve always thought that a holiday should be a more down to Earth affair, involving barbecues, walks, swimming and ice creams, not driving to a serene location and sitting inside, doing exactly what you’d do at home.

Now, if you were to offer us half of the features those luxury RVs have, but fitted in our own homes? That would be a different story entirely…

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