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cornwallWhen you mention Cornwall to most people, they’ll think of pasties, Lands’ End, perhaps the Eden Project, and cottage holidays with the family in the Cornish Riviera. To others, though, Cornwall is a land full of myth and legend. It might be something you should consider when looking for your next holiday.

The most prolific legend is that of King Arthur, reigning from his castle fortress at Tintagel. The village itself offers many tourist attractions related to Arthur and Merlin, and the remains of the castle there are an English Heritage site that provides an excellent day out.

Accommodation in Tintagel, though in high demand in the peak seasons, is available from a variety of places. If you’d rather not be in the village itself, a large and bustling place in the peak season, numerous Cornwall cottages are available for booking in more isolated locations.

Arthur is not the only legend of note though. Perhaps you have heard of the Mermaid of Zennor? Zennor is a beautiful village, only five miles from St Ives, replete with its own mermaid legend. On top of that, there’s a variety of places for you to visit nearby. The beautiful landscape, the attractions of Saint Ives, and learning about the mermaid, will all provide you with plenty of enjoyable days out.

Finally, Cornwall has been described by some as “the most haunted place in the British Isles”. With a plethora of ghost stories all over the county, and a landscape that inspired the writing of ‘Jamaica Inn’ and the original short story of ‘The Birds’, cottage holidays in Cornwall cottages can provide a great location for a spooky weekend. With Halloween fast approaching, you might want to get your bookings in quickly. Genuinely haunted cottages are always the first to go.

Hopefully, that’s plenty of information for you to bear in mind. And to think, we haven’t even begun to mention the pixies, faeries, giants, small folk or standing stones yet.

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