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In the UK, is there any spot more magical, more serene, more beautiful than the Gnome Reserve?


How about in Devon?

Yeah, there are probably more magical places in Devon too.

There is not, however, anywhere more magical, more serene and more beautiful in West Putford than the Gnome Reserve.

A haven for plants and wildlife, this mini-attraction has ecological thought at its heart, but with the added eccentricity that only a collection of over a thousand garden gnomes can bring.

Upon arrival, visitors don their gnomish hats and gnomish fishing rods, which allow them to better fit in amongst the gnomes. The necessity of this can not be exaggerated; if the gnomes see humans they will bolt. Only by making them believe visitors are travelling gnomes can the reserve continue to operate. Luckily, gnomes are a little dim and very self-obsessed, and don’t notice the difference in size.

The park also plays host to over two hundred and fifty species of wild plant, providing excellent cover for the gnomes, and excellent spotting opportunities for botanists.

As part of a UK beach holiday, the gnome reserve can make up part of an entertaining day out, but it is only open for the rest of the month so, should you want to make a trip to it as part of a family holiday this year, you’d better hurry.

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