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Bath is a lovely city. I know because I’ve visited it. My trip was a little different to that of most holiday makers, as I was there to take part in a stand-up competition.

I didn’t win, but it was still had a great time because, as I said, Bath is a lovely city. Exactly the sort of city you’d walk around and think “Wow. I’d really like to take a short break in Bath.” I know because that’s what I thought when I visited Bath.

There are plenty of places to stay, from hostels to hotels, and everything in between. Bed and Breakfast Bath is one possibility, which is a way of saying that you want a Bed and Breakfast in Bath, rather than Bed and Breakfast in a bath, which would be weird. I stayed in a hostel, but I really wish I’d stayed in a B&B when I’d visited Bath. Did I mention that I’ve visited Bath?

The architecture of the city is probably what wow’d me the most. It really is a beautiful city. I had the pleasure of exploring and finding somewhere to eat on a wonderfully sunny summer afternoon. The parks, the river Avon running through it, and, I know I’m repeating myself but, the buildings, all come together to make one of the most beautiful cities in the UK. I would know, having visited Bath.

This is without even mentioning the baths themselves, too! I’ve never been there though, even though I’ve visited Bath. They’re probably pretty good.

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