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Brixham’s reputation is that of a lovely holiday village by the sea, the perfect place to enjoy Devon holidays, but in reality, it is far from that.

Well, it isn’t far from that. Brixham is a lovely holiday village by the sea, the perfect place to enjoy Devon holidays.

But it is also spooky!

The Black House in Brixham plays host to a ghost. Mysteriously locking and unlocking doors are one of the best known occurrences, but the standard signs of haunting, including odd sounds emanating from dark corners or rooms that nobody is in, have also been reported. Ghostly footsteps too.

Every ghost has a story though, and the Black House’s is that of Squire Hilliard. In life, he had a son, and that son fell in love with a peasant girl. Squire Hilliard would not allow his son to marry the girl, and to stop it going ahead, he arranged a marriage between his son’s love and somebody of her own station.

Squire Hilliard’s son saw the two leaving the church and immediately ran off to hang himself. His father now walks around the house seeking the forgiveness of his son, hence the haunting.

People living in the house have found themselves locked out of it, or woken by strange bumps in the night.

Whilst haunted houses can provide excellent attractions, it’s easy to avoid haunted accommodation, possibly by staying in a Devon holiday park, or some other, less tragic setting. In fact, we recommend it.


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