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The coast of Pembrokeshire is excellent for a number of things. Swimming, visiting beaches, any number of water sports, and, of course, fishing.

Fishing is something that many people find dull and uninteresting, but if you have the patience and devotion to really commit to it, it can be very rewarding.

Booking one of the coastal cottages in Wales can be the perfect start to your own fishing trip. With a week to spare, you’ll be able to try plenty of different locations, and with one of the self-catering luxury cottages in Wales waiting for you, you can cook what you catch!

Fishing isn’t just relaxing at the seaside or riverbank though, when you’re by the coast, why not go out for a sea fishing trips? A boat out onto the waves means you can be catching bigger and more interesting fish, and then eat them.

Of course, catching fish isn’t guaranteed, so it’s always best to make sure the cupboards of your cottage are well-stocked with other foodstuffs. But even if that does happen you’ll still have had a great day dangling a hook in some water.

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