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So much to do and so little time, so you will be forgiven for not having enough time to do everything that is on offer whilst enjoying your Holiday Accommodation Shanklin based break.

There is one thing that I would suggest that you do before you leave to make your trip that little bit special: ‘Brading the Experience’. This is a great chance for you to see first hand some of the most original wax works on the Isle of Wight. This delightful little attraction is run by an Islander who has developed the museum to be a wonderful tourist attraction. The attraction also now includes the World of Wheels, a stunningly themed café serving homemade delights and an outlet store and gift shop.

You will find a wonderful array of famous faces in the wax works that include such figures as Queen Victoria, Princess Diana and Sir Winston Churchill with his last car the 1964 Hilman Husky – a must for anyone keen on the Great British Empire.

The Chambers of Torture is a great place for those wanting something a little more gruesome. Featuring some of the most painful and violent deaths known to man. You will be able to see first hand, severed heads, burning to death. fingernail torture, rat torture, the death pit, and the whipping wheel to name a small fraction of what you can expect.

For all of you who love all things engine related, the museum offers the ‘World of Wheels’. A collection of steam tractors and vintage cars, there is bound to be something for everyone.

Head over to the Isle of Wight for your next holiday and see for yourselves what is on offer.

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