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Those innovative fellows over at Northumberland Tourism have come over all web 2.0 and have decided to engage with potential visitors through social media website Facebook. They are inviting those interested in visiting Northumberland to join their group and take part in their Autumn Warmth initiative. Users can view hundreds of photos that have been grouped into over 40 themed albums. In addition to that there will be fresh content promoting forthcoming events and information on the huge range of activities available to a visitor to the area.

These photo albums will give interested visitors the opportunity to get a flavour of the county before booking a holiday. It will help them to decide which area to stay in and give them ideas of all the beautiful places they could visit.

And it’s not just Northumberland Tourism that will be showcasing the county’s unique attractions. Users will be able to interact with one another and share photos and stories of their own Northumberland experiences. This could prove to be an invaluable resource for a visitor planning a trip to Northumberland as it is the ideal way to get the inside scoop on those special hidden places not mentioned in the guide books.

I think this Autumn Warmth campaign is a great idea and the ability to directly engage with Northumberland Tourism and other visitors to Northumberland is an exciting prospect. If you want to know where the best Northumberland Cottages are just ask. Other users are more inclined to give an honest opinion than a guidebook and they may even be able to post their own personal photos of the cottage they have stayed in. In addition to that they may point you in the direction of an interesting walk or deserted beach you wouldn’t have found without their help.

It’s also going to be handy having regular updates on events in the area. Too often you visit an area and see a roadside sign promoting a fair or market you would like to attend only to realise it had happened the day before. With Northumberland Tourism’s Facebook updates you can plan which events you want to attend before you go.

And if you enjoy a cottage holiday in Northumbria don’t forget to share your experiences (and your photos!) with others on Facebook when you get back home.

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