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Rock climbing is an exhilarating sport, and there are plenty of places in Britain where people can give it a go. Many people choose to start off on an indoor wall, but when I was dragged out into the hills and mountains of Wales by a friend, that was not a luxury I had.

Whereas many people will book out one of the holiday cottages in Wales for a week, and use that as a base for exertions, we had a fairly long drive from our student accommodation to get to the designated spot.

That spot turned out to be a fifty foot cliff face, which I imagine is small fry for experienced climbers, but looked pretty massive to me.

My friend went first, setting up the metal things that get hammered into the wall that I don’t know the name of. He also set up the rope. I know the name of rope.

The climb itself was great at first. I felt like some sort of mighty climbing creature, grabbing small, jutting pieces of rock and pulling myself up. Then I began to realise that I lacked a lot of the upper body strength necessary for climbing, but managed to make up for it with my oddly dexterous feet and legs.

Then I looked down, and realised why the line “Don’t look down” became a cliché in the first place. Fear took me, and I lost my nerve. Luckily, I knew that climbing back down would be harder than going up the last ten feet (and my girlfriend at the time was watching) so I pulled myself together and scrambled up to the crest of the cliff.

I’d been to the top before, as I’d had a wander around before we began, but getting up there the hard way was so much more rewarding; I even appreciated the view more.

We sat under some trees for lunch, which I had cleverly brought along, and then my friend did a bit more climbing whilst I relaxed. As the sun began to set, and other climbers were going off to their Wales cottages, we set off once again to our small, cheap student accommodation, and slept well that night.

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