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Families enjoying self catering holiday

Foray into the world of self catering holidays and you won’t be disappointed. Eradicate the time restrictions put on you and your family for meal times, save the disappointment of a limiting and repetitive menu choice, avoid having to share your table with the family from hell. Self catering holidays give you the ultimate freedom and flexibility. For families and large groups, staying in a self catering cottage can often end up a much more affordable option than hotels and it also accommodates the entire party size, rather than splitting it up per room. Children can be put to bed to co inside with their normal routine and adults can continue to socialise together long into the evening in a most enjoyable and safe environment. If you are considering self catering for the first time then here are a few handy tips to get you started:

  • Decide where you and your party want to stay. It goes without saying but choosing the destination, what the area has to offer and how accessible it is will make the difference between a great holiday and not such a great holiday. Search the length and breadth of the country from Self catering cottages in Northumberland to Cornwall and the Cotswolds to compare counties and what’s on offer.
  • Search for cottages that meet your requirement. Once you have agreed on your destination look for cottages that will best suit you and your parties requirements. Popular requests tend to be the following:  ‘pets welcome, ‘nearby pub’, ‘Wood burner’, ‘cot available’ ‘garden’ ‘parking’ etc. Make sure the cottage accommodates your party size and fits your criteria best.
  • Agree prior to travelling who will be sleeping where to avoid disappointment and arguments on arrival. If you are holidaying with another party it is advisable to all agree on whose sleeping where to avoid unnecessary conflict at the start of your holiday.
  • Find out prior to leaving the properties details. Reputable cottage lettings will have an array of entertainment in the property from board games to cards to a choice of DVD’s. If there is anything you know you will want whilst on holiday that isn’t stated then the chances are it isn’t there, make sure you pack it to save disappointment.
  • Shopping. Talk to any experienced ‘self caterer’ and they each have their own views on shopping. I would suggest getting the essentials at your own local supermarket (car space permitting) and then topping up once settled into your cottage. There is nothing worse after a long drive to be faced with no milk and tea bags for a fresh brew. Often cottages won’t be that close to amenities so a dedicated trip will have to be made once there. Even more reason to bring as much as you can initially.
  • Work out who’s cooking, when and what. It may sound a little military but again, this saves arguments once there and lets everyone know what is expected of them. Make sure you allow for at least one breakfast, lunch and dinner out so you get to experience some local places and everyone gets a rest from the domestic chores.

Once you start your self catering holiday search you will be faced with an array of companies all competing and a host of businesses that could steer you away from what your criteria is. So if your party has decided on self catering in Northumbria, make sure you don’t end up with a package holiday in Cyprus.

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