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Torbay has one big thing going for it, and that’s Agatha Christie. Towering over the English Riviera at a massive three hundred feet, Christie devours all in sight. Buildings, farms, and even a Devon holiday park or two have fallen victim to her hunger.

Well, not really, but Agatha Christie’s presence can definitely be felt in the Torbay area, especially during the week-long Christie festival that takes place there once a year.

Throughout the festival, visitors can watch enactments of plays, listen to productions of her radio plays or view films and television shows of, or based off, the famous crime-writer’s work.

There are also organised trails around some of the places that Christie used to frequent, including viewings of her old house. The gardens and stations of the area are always open to the public, and many of them have even featured, though often under pseudonyms, in her work.

The town hall where she worked as a pharmacist and acquired her knowledge of poisons is still there, and Kents Cavern, which featured in ‘The Man in the Brown Suit’ as Hempsley Cavern, is open to the public. Kents Cavern is interesting on its own, but any fans of Christie’s work will undoubtedly enjoy it that little bit more.

Unfortunately, it’s over for this year, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a lot to discover on a trip to Torbay. Most of the locations, as mentioned, can always be visited. So, on your Torbay caravan holiday, why not spend the time to learn about one of the area’s most famous people?

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