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atlas mountains

If you’re anything like me you may have considered taking a more adventurous holiday than the usual ones frequented. As much as reclining on a sun lounger for a week in Majorca may be some people’s idea of an idyllic holiday, just how many of those can you do before you get a little fatigued by it all? Not that I would refuse the holiday if it was offered to me (on a plate), its just every now and then I feel there must be something more rewarding, something more exhilarating, and of course there is. Not that I have got as far as booking one, but (and it’s a big but) I am closer than I ever was before having spent some invaluable time researching the multitude of adventure holidays available to us mere mortals these days.

Top of my list is trekking in the Atlas Mountains.  This was an easy one for me as I went to Marrakech (Morrocco) a few years ago and sampled all the delights it had to offer. From the startling scenery to the rich colours and vibrant cultures, it is a place that really does fill your senses, so much so I never actually got out of the city. I would hear about the Atlas Mountains from the local Souk owners and they would often call me and my girlfriends ‘Berber women’, something I would later learn to be a woman of the Atlas Mountains, inherently strong and more self sufficient than their urban counterparts (it was a compliment after all).

Although there are numerous Moroccan Holidays to take, from the city breaks to the coastal explorations, I would choose the Atlas Mountains. A short drive from the red walled city of Marrakesh, it promises to be a million miles away from the chaotic streets of the city, a haven of peace. Once there, numerous villages and trails wait to be discovered by foot. Trekking up routes that are guaranteed to be zig zaggy, steep and narrow I am sure this wouldn’t be for the faint hearted but after a few days of ascending the promise of views stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Sahara dessert are surely not to be scoffed at.

Research has educated me enough to know when I come to book my adventure holiday I will ensure I choose an experienced adventure travel company to co-ordinate my trip allowing me to see a mix of cultural experiences and ‘must see’ highlights, without any of the hassle of organising it myself.


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