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The summer just gone, some friends and I made plans to take a three day trip walking along the north coast of Devon. We’d stop off over night at campsites, or any holiday parks that allowed tents, and carry everything we needed on our backs.

I was probably the keenest member of our party, researching routes, places we could stop and rest for lunch and sleep, getting together some of the essential equipment, scrounging tents of various people. Having written that, I realise that I wasn’t just the keenest, but probably the only person with organisational skills.

Anyway, we had alcohol, food, tents, friends, everything for a great holiday. As long as nobody got drunk and stumbled off a cliff then it’d be plain sailing. We were even going to stop by the sea a few times and make a mini UK beach holiday out of it.

Unfortunately, due to schedule conflicts, the trip never took place. Either people were going back to their universities to perform with bands, or going to the largest open air heavy metal festival in the world. Somebody was busy making a film as well.

Oh well. There’s always next summer.

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