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Something I have wanted to do for years now, but have never gotten around to it, is to visit Paington Zoo. I live in Devon, and it could quite easily be accomplished in a day, yet it’s the people staying in a Devon holiday park who enjoy everything the county has to offer.

I started seriously thinking about it a month ago, at which point it was no longer summer, and the idea of walking around outside to see animals that probably weren’t enjoying the cold themselves wasn’t particularly appealing. Knowing my luck, it would probably rain as well.

Then, I started looking at their website and noticed the crocodile swamp they now have. What I also noticed is that over the winter months they are running a feeding exhibit, the next of which is in December. At these, you get to see the crocodiles being fed, though the name kind of gives that away.

This might be what I needed to motivate me to go there. Now all it relies on is getting the time off work.

This is a perfect example of something that is local to me that I’ve never been to. People on Devon holidays go all the time, but locals don’t. It’s worth taking a look at where you live and seeing if there’s anything like this, and it’s definitely worth finding out about opportunities like this before you take a holiday anywhere. They can add so much more to the experience.


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