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Isle of Wight Beach

Measuring just 12 miles from North to South and 23 miles from East to West you’d be forgiven for thinking the Isle of Wight has little to offer but far could be from the truth. I couldn’t possibly list ALL the things to do on the island in one post so I am going to concentrate on the beaches; after all, it is surrounded by coastline! So, for all those who enjoy a good walk or sit or swim or relax or run or cuddle on a beautiful beach, here are six of the best to do it on:

  1. Sandown Beach: Only metres away from the town’s shops, cafes and pubs, Sandown’s huge gold, sandy beach offers fabulous water sports and is as popular now as it was back in the Victorian era.
  2. Ryde Beach: The coastline offers a funfair, trampolines, amusements and even an ice rink, making it one of the most popular beaches for tourists. Head south to Appley and you’ll experience a quieter atmosphere and a lovely canoe lake.
  3. Steephill Cove: With a few cottages, lobster pots and an old donkey this is probably one of the islands best kept secrets, so don’t tell everyone! The Cove is like stepping back in time and has managed to keep its wonderful traditional feel.
  4. Ventor Beach: This beautiful beach is sheltered by high cliffs and acts as a welcoming sun trap (or wind shield). A backdrop of cafes and restaurants awaits you for the most civilised day out.
  5. Compton Bay: Between Freshwater Bay and Brook this sandy beach is a definite favourite for surfers, wind surfers and kite surfers alike. Make a visit at low tide and you’ll get to see dinosaur footprints in the rocks.
  6. Colwell Bay: Offering stunning views of the solvent this wide sweeping bay has lots of sandcastle building opportunities. Clean waters, calm seas and a gentle slope make this a particularly family friendly beach.

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