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Who can forget the snow that locked up parts of England last year? People couldn’t make it to work, everything was coated in white, and wherever was hottest became a communal gathering place.

It was brilliant.

Scotland, being further north, had it even better, with up to sixteen inches of snow falling in some places. If anything close to that is predicted this winter, then I can’t think of anything better to do than gather food, drink, music (portable and battery powered in case of power cuts) and friends, and head to a holiday cottage in Scotland, perhaps one of the Argyll cottages, or maybe somewhere higher up.

Once there, you wait for the snow to set in whilst making sure you have plenty of wood, coal, or whatever the fireplace requires, and have yourself a merry little lock-in.

As the snow and wind billows around outside, you stay warm and cosy in with your friends in one of the holiday cottages in Scotland, eating drinking and being merry.

Sounds like the perfect blizzard to me.

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