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Andrew Frost leaning on one of the penguins he carved.Derby Market place has been invaded by wooden sculptures for the festive period. Huge penguins, soldiers, cars, a train, a plane, even a bear. But these aren’t warriors from a strange dimension where people are made of wood, nor are they fiendish barbarians who attacked the city and were cursed to remain as statues by a wizard. No, these wooden sculptures are the boring kind of wooden sculpture, the sort that was hewn from wood by somebody’s hands to create four foot tall penguins for Christmas. And to think you thought you’d have to have a Peak District holiday to see wood near Derby.

Wait! That’s not boring at all! That’s actually a little bit awesome!

Andrew Frost, a sculptor, has designed and created the statues for around £60,000, a lot of which came from grants and donations. The idea was to liven up Derby’s market and give children something to do whilst their parents are Christmas shopping, and it seems to have been a huge success, with children clambering all over these works of art with their dirty hands and feet.

Each statue represents one of the partners involved in their building, and so the penguins represent Derby university, the plane represents Rolls-Royce, the car Toyota, the bear Royal Crown Derby, the soldier Derby City Council, and the train Bombardier.

If you fancy spending the festive period in Derby and taking in the fine woodworks, then why not consider a holiday cottage in Derbyshire.

And we all hope you’re all looking forward to tomorrow.

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