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Independent weather analyst Positive Weather Solutions have doubled its predictions of a white Christmas on the South Coast this year, which is good news for anybody planning on spending the festive season in an Isle of Wight hotel.

As a cold spell seems to be about to hit Britain, possibly lasting for the next three weeks, the MET office is being badgered to predict whether there’ll be a white Christmas or not, but they’re keeping schtum. That hasn’t bothered independent analysts though, who are giving a 59% chance of a White Christmas in Scotland and North-East England, 55% on the East Coast, 32% in the rest of the North, Mid-Wales and the Midlands, 10% in the South West and 18% on the South Coast, which includes the Isle of Wight.

Whilst 18% might not seem a lot, it’s a lot higher than it has been for years, and we British are known for our cheery-faced optimism!

Whether it snows on Christmas Day or not, it’s still likely that the island will receive a coating of white at some point in the next month, making for a magical winter wonderland to enjoy with a holiday on the Isle of Wight.

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