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When visiting anywhere, learning the language used is important. This even applies to visiting different areas of your own country. If you visit Yorkshire and can’t understand the accent when talking to a shop keeper, you’re going to look like an idiot, just as if you visit the South West and don’t know how to react when somebody calls you a “grockle” then you’ll also look like an idiot. When travelling with a friend to the Lake District, I had to translate for him if people had too thick an accent, which was intensely embarrassing.

So, with all that in mind, I’ll turn your attention to the Isle of Wight, which has, throughout the millennia, developed a plethora of words which don’t exist on the mainland, many of which are interesting both linguistically and from a general perspective. They’ll also be useful to you, should you ever want to stay at one of the Isle of Wight hotels.

A lot of the pronunciations are similar to those that you might expect to find in the south west of England, but the words are very different; hardly surprising considering the nature of islands to be cut off from the mainland. Hopefully, the pronunciation should not give you too much trouble, but the words… well, you’ll be wanting a little resource that documents Isle of Wight words.

So, this should have armed you with everything you need to make sense of everything you hear on an Isle of Wight holiday, but even if you do know the lingo, we can’t guarantee that you won’t embarrass yourself in other ways.

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