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Year after year, visitors come to the Seven Sisters for their holidays, and we’re not talking about taking a trip to see the mythical daughters of Atlas and Pleione. That would be weird.

If sea-views, undisturbed cliffs, rolling river valleys and beautiful open grassland sound like a draw to you, then the Seven Sisters Country Park may well be for you. Located in the south of the Sussex Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the park brings people from all over to enjoy cycling or walking through it, or to spend a weekend camping there. Some people will even visit it as part of a Rye weekend break, as it’s not too far to travel.

The cliffs themselves have also been seen on the big screen in films such as Atonement, the Harry Potter films, and on the small screen in the Channel 4 comedy Green Wing. Due to their unspoilt chalk faces, they often stand in for the more heavily built up white cliffs of Dover.

The cliffs themselves rise and fall again and again, and each peak and trough has its own name. Haven Brow drops to Short Bottom, which rises to Short Brow, which falls to Limekiln Bottom, which leads up to Rough Brow, which declines into Rough Bottom, which inclines into Brass Point, which descends into Gap Bottom, which ascends into Flagstaff Point, which leads down to Flagstaff Bottom, which curves upwards into Flat Hill, which enjoys a downhill slope into Flathill Bottom, which has an upward gradient into Baily’s Hill, which lowers into Michel Dean, and finally heads up into Went Hill Brow. Luckily, that’s the end of the Seven Sisters, as I was running out of interesting synonyms for “goes up” and “goes down”.

Whilst plenty of people do camp in the area, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy increased comfort by staying in an East Sussex hotel, so remember that there’s a multitude of ways to experience the Seven Sisters.

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