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Whilst some people have been watching for the Geminid shower over the last week, and the clear skies of the South West can provide a perfect vantage point to see it, others have been looking to the sky trying to see something a little different.

A site dedicated to recording UFO sightings has got a decent collection of information for Cornwall sightings, and the spooky thing? There are quite clear patterns that emerge.

Sightings of groups of orange lights reoccur every few months, and multiple accounts come in of people seeing them from different places at around the same time. People taking trips to try and spot UFOs is nothing new, but maybe Cornwall will start attracting these visitors as well. The clear skies of Cornwall that make for such a good family holiday in Cornwall also provide excellent views for sighting the unknown.

The possibility of spotting UFOs can bring families and friends together, as they all sit outside in the crisp Cornish air, heads peering skyward. Even if you don’t see UFOs you can still see shooting stars and supernovas on a clear night. I saw one of the former last Sunday night in fact.

So, why not book one of the cottages in Cornwall and make use of any cloudless nights to see what you can find. And remember, keep watching the skies!

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