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When you’re in Cornwall, why don’t you pay a trip to the National Maritime Museum Cornwall. You’ll learn a lot about boats, we’re sure.

But exactly what about boats will you learn on your North Cornwall holiday? Well, currently the museum has wine tastings, Sunday lunches, Santa’s grotto, and a workshop on kites, calendars and kaleidoscopes. None of that has anything to do with boats! This Maritime Museum is certainly not living up to its name!

Luckily, there is a talk about wrecks and rescues that have occurred on the rocks off the Lizard peninsula. There are a lot! It’s a pretty dangerous place to go if you’re a boat!

Before Christmas, the National Maritime Museum Cornwall also offered Christmas lunches, but now that Christmas is gone they’re not doing that. Perhaps you could go if you decide to rent one of the cottages in Cornwall next year? That sounds like it’d be pretty cool. Learn about boats and then have a Christmas lunch? Sign me up. You wouldn’t have to press gang me into that (that’s maritime humour).


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