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Red Squirrel gathering nutsForestry Commission Scotland, the Scottish equivalent of Forestry Commission England or Forestry Commission Wales, recently announced plans to establish eighteen red squirrel strongholds throughout the country. These areas are designed to back up the work that FCS have been doing to control grey squirrel populations, as they say it’s all very well and good stopping greys from spreading, but you have to protect the reds at the same time.

And that is what this new initiative will do. Each of the eighteen areas will be at least two thousand hectares in size, and the trees there will be managed so that the cone bearing conifers that red squirrels prefer are far more abundant than the large seeded broadleaves that grey squirrels feed on. The general position of the strongholds has already been decided, and four of them being in Argyll should be good news for Argyll cottages. All that is left to do is work out where exactly the boundaries of each area will be, as well as how the management of the areas will be carried out.

The grey squirrels have already driven reds out of England and Wales, and Scotland is eager to maintain its biodiversity. This new effort is a big part of that, and as the red squirrel is one of the animals that acts as a representative of conservation in Scotland and Scotland in general, protecting it is important for both the environment and for Scottish tourism. Hopefully, this move will see populations increase, but you can still book one of the holiday cottages in Scotland right now and see them in the flesh.


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