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The two stars of the financially successful ‘Twilight’ series of films have joined many other people in spending the period in which people celebrate the beginning of a new year on an Isle of Wight holiday. It’s been widely rumoured that the pair are a couple, a clause that is only possible due to the multiple definitions that words can possess in English.

Leaving ambiguity aside for a brief few words, it’s unsurprising that Robert Pattinson would bring a friend, or “friend”, to somewhere in Britain, especially the Isle of Wight. Its relaxed, calm, laid-back attitude generally means that celebrities remain aren’t hassled by, among others, screaming teenage fans or the swarming members of the celebrity press. Plenty of other celebrities have found that they can escape from the crush of attention that success brings by staying on the island, and the particular area that they visited, Ventnor, is home to a few others of their kind.

The fact they have chosen to holiday there, and especially at a time as auspicious as New Year’s Eve, will certainly do something to the profile of Isle of Wight breaks in the eyes of consumers, though apparently they were seen overindulging on the night itself, something that many visitors may not want to do if they wish to truly enjoy their stay.

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