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There are loads of reasons that people go to Scotland, but one that’s drawn people from all over the world again and again and again is the possibility of having a sighting of the Loch Ness Monster. Big game hunters, journalists, scientists and interested members of the public have all been amongst those to engage in the hunt for Nessie.

The rumours started in 1933, when a holidaying couple, the Spicers, saw the head and neck of an animal waddling over the road ahead of them, carrying a dead animal in its mouth. They couldn’t see the body as it was obscured by the brow of a hill, but their letter in a newspaper about this encounter was the beginning of seventy seven years of sightings, investigations, explanations, scepticism and hoaxes. People still visit the loch during cottage holidays in Scotland, hoping to be the next Spicers.

Numerous sonar searches and investigations have taken place around the loch, and many sonar “sightings” of Nessie have been recorded, which strange six metre animals being detected moving around the depths. Odd sounds, similar to those used in echo location have also been recorded by sub-surface microphones.

Of course, the most famous sightings are those that have been recorded on film as either photos or videos, and if you want a chance of taking one of those, you don’t have to have a fancy submarine, a camera and a trip to one of the holiday cottages in Scotland.


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