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Pubs pubs pubs. Who doesn’t like going to a pub? Nobody! Who enjoys going to a pub? Everybody! Stopping in at a pub you’ve never been to and either having a quiet (or lively) drink is one of the joys of life. Even trying out the food, especially if it’s been recommended, can be great, and few places make a better stop off for a family lunch whilst on holiday than a pub.

Maybe it’s from spending a lot of time in Wales and Devon, especially near areas that tend to be popular areas for family holidays, but if you want to sample local food and learn about some of the attractions in the area, a pub can be a great place to call in at. Admittedly, some are grottier than others, and in most holiday destinations you’ll find extremes at both ends of the scale, but overall I have had good experiences in using them for the brief respite you get during a holiday.

The other advantage, of course, is that if you’re in one of the many places that serve real ale or source their drinks from local brewers, you’ll be able to sample some of what the locals produce. On a caravan holiday in Devon, this will almost definitely include cider.

Many pubs in rural areas also provide accommodation, which can be a blessing if you’re walking or cycling somewhere and it’s starting to get dark. Staying late in pubs will also mean you’re more likely to take part in some local atmosphere, as people unwind, relax and become more comfortable.

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