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One of the councils in Sussex has joined everybody else around the UK by making a New Year’s resolution of their own. They want to help maintain the county’s reputation and beauty, which draws in tourists to stay in the various hotels in Sussex, or other holiday accommodation.

The way they want to do this is by reducing the carbon footprint of the county, meaning that the air is cleaner, the environment is better, and Sussex can continue to attract people to its lush greenery. They have a few ideas on how to do this, and most of them involve encouraging the people who live in Sussex to reduce their own carbon footprints. It won’t just be the environment that benefits though, many of the measures will be cost-savers too.

One suggestion is to walk or cycle to your destinations more often, and if it’s possible to do this to work or school, then that’s even better. This is definitely one of the measures that will save money as well. It’s also good exercise. When visiting Sussex, using your car less and your feet more will also help.

Using public transport to get where you’re going if it’s too far too walk is also an option that will reduce carbon output. This is another measure that applies to both visitors and residents.

Being aware of the small things you can do to significantly reduce your carbon footprint is a large part of the battle against climate change, and it will ensure that you can still visit an East Sussex hotel years from now and enjoy the beautiful countryside the area has to offer.

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