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I’ve been visiting Torquay for as long as I can remember. My family come from Devon and my Nana has resided there since before I was born. Amongst spending time at her home we’ve been here there and everywhere and enjoy nothing better than a good walk along Meadfoot
beach where you get to blow the cobwebs away come rain or shine.

The latest expedition whilst visiting was a trip to Living Coasts, Torquay’s coastal zoo and conservation charity, located on Beacon Quay right on Torquay’s harbour side. It can’t be missed for its rather large net above the Town Dock on the outer harbour. It really has become a successful attraction for the area with holiday makers staying in Torquay Caravan Park and other holiday accommodation making sure they make Living Coasts one of the first days out in their itinerary, and it is easy to see why. This innovative coastal zoo and discovery centre allows you to take a journey around the coasts of the world and see some amazing animals and plants in specially designed naturalistic habitats. You’ll get to see Penguin Beach, Auk Cliff, Waders Estuary, Fur Seal Cove, Sea Ducks and Mangroves, as well as more educational information like coasts at risk.

My favourite area was penguin beach, designed to look like coastal habitats near Cape Town where the African penguins live in large colonies, these penguins wander around freely and mingle in with the visitors. The Juvenille Macaroni penguins, with their golden yellow crests which looks like hair were my absolute favourite and really were making people laugh.

I am fortunate to visit Torquay and all it has to offer as and when I feel, but I never take it for granted and it is not hard to see why people visit from far and wide to stay in a Holiday Park Devon and decide to come back year on year.

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