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In a recent survey conducted by Visit Wales the overwhelming majority of visitors left Wales with a positive impression of the country. The survey discovered that the warm welcome given and the general and the friendliness of the Welsh people towards visitors during there stay was among some of the very best parts of a Welsh holiday.

Of those surveyed 86% said that they would recommend a trip to Wales to friend and family. 70% also said that they themselves would definitely return within the next few years.

Wales total score amongst visitors came out as a highly impressive 4.5 out of 5.

Out of the 5,601 people who took part in the survey 92% said their stay was either very good or excellent. The survey participants were made up of day trip visitors as well as those who stayed for short and long breaks.

Wales beautiful scenery came top of visitors best Welsh attractions. Its hardly surprising in a country who can boast snow capped mountains, golden beaches, lonely islands, wooded valley and wild moor land all within just a few hours of each other. Wales other top attraction included its historic sites such as its magical castles and grand stately homes.

When visiting Wales 45% of people preferred a short break compared to just a day trip or a long stay.

If you have yet to experience Wales for yourself why not consider taking a short break Wales and see for yourself just what this wonderful country and its people have to offer.

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