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Travellers around the UK will no doubt already have seen the huge amount of shops and kiosks that sell Cornish pasties on high streets, train stations and cafes, but now there’s a way to take home a novelty item for pasty lovers who aren’t going on a trip, or don’t have any trips to cottages in Cornwall coming up.

Pasties with chocolate in them have been available for ages, but pasties made purely out of chocolate are something new and tasty. This is, however, exactly what the chocolate and fudge manufacturer’s County’s have done. Supplied to pasty suppliers and delicatessens, these solid chocolate pasties, made from high quality cocoa beans and containing 35% cocoa solids, are ideal to take home for a pasty lover. It doesn’t even matter if they go cold.

Of course, it’s not just a tasty treat, but also a reminder of your family holiday in Cornwall. Whereas some people might bring home sticky rock that ends up looking unappetising very quickly, you’ll still have delicious chocolate in a form that is truly Cornish.

There are plenty of other products available from County’s, including Cornish fudge, and tracking these down in delicatessens or gift shops will make your holiday a whole lot more interesting, not to mention tasty.

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